Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vampire Boogie

Written by Corey Brotherson, Vampire Boogie is a story about modern incarnations of the various international mythos of the vampire. How would they survive in a modern multicultural society? What would they look like etc

 South American Vampire. Appears as normal during the day but removes its skin during the night and flies through the air as a being of light to drink blood.

Yamayahoo, an Australian vampire. Appears as a 4ft tall red man with suction cups on its fingertips and the abilty to swallow people whole.

                                               Camatozt. Giant man-bat from Aztec mythos.

The Betails from India. The only way you can identify one is by virtue of the fact that their feet are backwards.
Sleep with one and you'll wake up an old man the following morning.

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